Your team powers
your restaurant,
make them feel valued.

Predict and intervene turnover before it's too late. Reach your teams where they already work & live with Harri’s employee engagement and retention solutions.

Turnover crushing your business?
Not anymore.
Meet Harri Engage.

It’s time to stop trying to hire your way out of a retention crisis.
Harri Engage helps you get to the source and slow turnover in its tracks.

The Harri Engage platform, part of the Harri App, displays a screen in which an employee named Eric is asked to rate his work experience on a scale from one to five.

Make it simple to
connect with & support your teams.

Stop making your admins or managers cobble together tools to drive engagement. Harri Engage equips admins with a user-friendly and configurable way to automate moments of engagement with your employees, so you can:

  • Provide extra support to new starters in those critical first 90 days, with an engagement strategy delivered relative to start date.  
  • Ensure you celebrate special milestones in an employee’s work + life consistently, powered through automation, to make them feel special.
  • Share important news or targeted communications by locations, roles or brands.

Meet your frontline teams where they already work for maximum engagement.

Don’t ask your busy staff to use yet another app. Harri Engage connects with your employees where they already live and work for more effective engagement strategies. 

  • Ask quick questions when employees clock in for 100% response.
  • Increase employee satisfaction with public recognition and share important updates efficiently.
  • One consolidated app for measuring sentiment, gathering employee feedback, checking schedules, and swapping shifts.
A female restaurant server uses a tablet to interact with the Harri Engage platform, a software solution designed to enhance the satisfaction and retention of frontline workers.

Help more new employees make it to the 90-day mark
and beyond.

"Harri Engage is helping us spot opportunities to ensure new starters feel adequately trained in their first few weeks and months with us, giving managers the insight they need to know when to intervene and help drive employees towards success in those critical first 90 days.”

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Harri Engage analytics platform tracks employee touchpoints like check-ins, performance personal milestones in dedicated dashboards.

Employee engagement software that harnesses actionable insight to intercept turnover risk before it's too late.

With Harri Engage, your managers and operators have real data and employee feedback to measure and identify when to take action that drives meaningful improvements in retention.

Our platform fully integrates with Harri IQ, further empowering your team with next-generation data analytics. Embedded with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities, understand, forecast, and share retention trends across your organization with predictive metrics.

What if you could know before they go?
Now you can, with Harri Engage.